Altinity ClickHouse Operator at Red Hat’s

CoreOS introduced operators for Kubernetes in 2016. A Kubernetes Operator is an application that integrates into Kuberentes and manages other applications. It significantly simplifies deployment and management of cloud native apps by leveraging application specific operational knowledge. Since then operators have been developed for many applications in Kubernetes, including some databases. As a result, operators became a successful pattern for managing cloud native applications. 

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ClickHouse at Data Con LA 2019

On August 17 I had the pleasure of presenting at Data Con LA 2019.  My talk was Data Warehouse and Kubernetes:  Lessons from the ClickHouse Operator. It described learnings from our work to enable ClickHouse to run easily on Kubernetes. This short article discusses key points from the talk as well as takeaways from the conference itself.  

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Altinity ClickHouse Operator for Kubernetes

Apr 9, 2019

When I was setting up my first ClickHouse clusters 3 years ago it was like a journey to an unknown world full of caveats. ClickHouse is very simple and easy to use but not THAT simple. Sometimes I dreamed that setting up the cluster would be as easy as making a cup of coffee. It took us a while to find the right approach, but finally our dreams came true. Today, we are happy to introduce ClickHouse operator for Kubernetes!

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