Before you buy, ask your vendor these 5 questions!

Ensure you understand the SLAs and response times for critical issues. Ideally, your vendor should not only respond quickly to questions but also be as committed to maintaining the smooth operation of your system as you are.

Your business needs may evolve over time. A vendor that is running 100% open source ClickHouse helps future-proof your system as you will have the flexibility to migrate off without requiring a complete overhaul.

Many companies need to keep data in their VPC for security, compliance, and performance needs. 

Understanding the specific systems and workloads the vendor supports is crucial for gauging how well our service will meet your needs.

Many vendors offer a free trial, allowing you to try their service before making a commitment. Even better, this trial period enables you to interact with their support team and sales representatives, helping you determine if the company is a good fit for your needs.