Tutorials and Video

Altinity Tutorials

Introductions and howtos

Original Yandex introduction: https://habrahabr.ru/company/yandex/blog/303282/

ClickHouse podcast talk: https://sdcast.ksdaemon.ru/2016/07/sdcast-45/

SMI2 implementation experience: https://habrahabr.ru/company/smi2/blog/314558/

SMI2 implementation experience part2: https://habrahabr.ru/company/smi2/blog/317682/

Conference and meetup videos

Percona Live Amsterdam 2016: ClickHouse: High-Performance Distributed DBMS for Analytics

HL++ 2016 “ClickHouse — very fast and convenient”: https://habrahabr.ru/post/322724/

HL++ 2016 “Migrating to Yandex ClickHouse”: https://habrahabr.ru/post/322620/

Yandex Meetup 21.11.2016: https://events.yandex.ru/lib/talks/4351/

Yandex Meetup 3.04.2017: https://events.yandex.ru/events/meetings/3-april-2017/

Percona Live – Open Source Database Conference 2017:

Data @Scale 2017: Yandex ClickHouse: A DBMS for interactive analytics at scale


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