Webinar Slides. Big Data in Real-Time: How ClickHouse powers Admiral’s visitor relationships for publishers

By James Hartig and Robert Hodges
Slides for the Webinar, presented on June 16, 2020
Webinar recording is available here

Advertising is dying in the wake of privacy and adblockers. Join us for a conversation with James Hartig, a Co-Founder at Admiral (getadmiral.com), who helps publishers diversify their revenue and build more meaningful relationships with users. We’ll start with an overview of Admiral’s platform and how they use large scale session data to power their engagement engine. We’ll then discuss the ClickHouse features that Admiral uses to power these real-time decisions. Finally, we’ll walk through how Admiral migrated from MongoDB to ClickHouse and some of their plans for future projects. Join us to learn how ClickHouse drives cutting edge real-time applications today!


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