Webinar Slides. Tips and tricks every ClickHouse user should know


By Robert Hodges and Altinity Engineering Team
Slides for the Webinar, presented on Dec 3, 2019
Webinar recording is available here

New users of ClickHouse love the speed but may run into a few surprises when designing applications. Column storage turns classic SQL design precepts on their heads. This talk shares our favorite tricks for building great applications. We’ll talk about fact tables and dimensions, materialized views, codecs, arrays, and skip indexes, to name a few of our favorites. We’ll show examples of each and also reserve time to handle questions. Join us to take your next step to ClickHouse guruhood!

Speaker Bio:
Robert Hodges is CEO of Altinity, which offers enterprise support for ClickHouse. He has over three decades of experience in data management spanning 20 different DBMS types. ClickHouse is his current favorite. 😉


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