Data warehouse on Kubernetes – gentle intro to Clickhouse Operator


by Robert Hodges, Altinity CEO
Presented at San Diego Cloud Native Computing Meetup, January 23, 2020

Data services are the latest wave of applications to catch the Kubernetes bug, but how many people would guess that includes data warehouses? We proved it works by developing the ClickHouse Kubernetes operator, which is now in production use at companies like It’s an open source operator to stand up and run ClickHouse, a popular Apache 2.0 data warehouse that can return queries on trillions of rows in seconds or less. This talk introduces ClickHouse and shows why it’s a ‘cloud friendly’ DBMS. We’ll go mano-a-mano with the ClickHouse operator, showing how you can spin up data warehouses in 60 seconds or less. We’ll cover issues like storage management, monitoring and upgrade. In short, everything you need to know to try running your own ClickHouse data warehouses on Kubernetes.


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