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ClickHouse is the hottest analytic database on the planet and Altinity is the home of ClickHouse experts who build real-time data solutions that run anywhere. ClickHouse now has more contributors than ElasticSearch, previously the biggest Open Source analytic project on GitHub. 

Altinity is a distributed company that values employees, open-source, and doing the right things for customers.
We’re seeking a great Technical Writer with strong database chops to create outstanding documentation for ClickHouse data warehouse.
You will create content to guide developers in the use of open-source ClickHouse in any environment, ranging from developer tutorials to Altinity.Cloud product documentation.

You’ll need the following background:
– Great database chops including the creation of sample applications with little outside guidance
– Developer skills with modern development tools and languages, including Python, Golang, Java, SQL, CI/CD pipelines, and containers
– Comfortable with open source technology and communities
– Native fluency in English
– Excellent writing skills and a talent for explaining technology
– Experience with blogging and community presentations
– Social networking skills including the ability to jump in quickly on technical conversations on Twitter, Hacker News, and LinkedIn

More specifically (and ideally) you have the following skill set:

Experience with documentation
– Working knowledge of a documentation system such as Hugo, Confluence, GitHub Pages, or the like.
– Experience in different forms of documentation such as blog posts, technical specification documents, instruction documents, API documentation, and the like.

Programming knowledge
– Whilst you don’t need to be a full coder, we’re looking for someone who is familiar with how to develop code. Typical examples are Python and JavaScript.
Comfortable with programming concepts such as variables and methods, and how to set up an IDE and run sample code

DevOps knowledge
– Familiarity with how to perform basic administration of a system, especially Unix based systems like Linux or macOS.
Know-how of how to use the command line to log into remote systems, perform commands, and jot them down.

Media and SEO experience
– Technical writing at Altinity is more than just writing – it’s also about media and search engine optimization.
– Our technical writer should be able to capture screenshots for documentation and edit them.
– Working knowledge of tools such as Photoshop and Adobe Premiere is a plus.

Most importantly, you have empathy for developers and love creating content that makes them more productive.

This is a full-time position.
Altinity is venture-funded and financially stable. We are 100% remote. You may work anywhere you have work permits.
Check out our many other benefits including flexible work hours, career development, and open vacation policies.

To apply, send your resume and a cover letter to
Please include your portfolio or examples of your work together with your resume.

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