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ClickHouse is the hottest analytic database on the planet and Altinity is the home of ClickHouse experts who build real-time data solutions that run anywhere. ClickHouse now has more contributors than ElasticSearch, previously the biggest Open Source analytic project on GitHub.
Altinity is a distributed company that values employees, open-source, and doing the right things for customers.

We’re seeking a great Technical Writer with strong database chops to create outstanding documentation for ClickHouse data warehouse.
You will create content to guide developers in the use of open-source ClickHouse in any environment, ranging from developer tutorials to Altinity.Cloud product documentation.

You’ll need the following background:
  • Great database chops including the creation of sample applications with little outside guidance
  • Developer skills with modern development tools and languages, including Python, Golang, Java, SQL, CI/CD pipelines, and containers
  • Comfortable with open source technology and communities
  • Native fluency in English
    – Excellent writing skills and a talent for explaining technology
    – Experience with blogging and community presentations
    – Social networking skills including the ability to jump in quickly on technical conversations on Twitter, Hacker News, and LinkedIn
More specifically (and ideally) you have the following skill set:

Experience with documentation
– Working knowledge of a documentation system such as Hugo, Confluence, GitHub Pages, or the like
– Experience in different forms of documentation such as blog posts, technical specification documents, instruction documents, API documentation, and the like
Programming knowledge
– Whilst you don’t need to be a full coder, we’re looking for someone who is familiar with how to develop code. Typical examples are Python and JavaScript
– Comfortable with programming concepts such as variables and methods, and how to set up an IDE and run sample code
DevOps knowledge
– Familiarity with how to perform basic administration of a system, especially Unix based systems like Linux or macOS
– Know-how of how to use the command line to log into remote systems, perform commands, and jot them down
Media and SEO experience
– Technical writing at Altinity is more than just writing – it’s also about media and search engine optimization
– Our technical writer should be able to capture screenshots for documentation and edit them
– Working knowledge of tools such as Photoshop and Adobe Premiere is a plus

Most importantly, you have empathy for developers and love creating content that makes them more productive.

Our Benefits:
  • Work from Anywhere, Anytime: We are not your typical nine-to-five shop! Enjoy the flexibility of working from literally wherever and whenever. Create a schedule that works for you and your family or lifestyle. Recharge your batteries with our open vacation policies.
  • Cultural Diversity: We love that we get to work with passionate people from around the world. Currently, our team is made of professionals from 12 different countries!
  • Career Development: We provide opportunities to learn new technologies as well as try out new roles. We also offer access to training on leading-edge technologies, plus flexible work schedules for external education.
  • USA Employees Benefits: We offer comprehensive PPO health care plans for our US-based employees that are incredibly flexible to meet the needs of individuals or families. 401K with company match also available.
  • Company Travel: We come together in person two to three times per year in locations across the globe. During non-pandemic times, of course! We also fund travel to conferences and encourage presentations as well as contributions to open source communities.

This is a full-time position and includes equity in the company.
Altinity is venture-funded and financially stable.
We are 100% remote. You may work anywhere you have work permits.

To apply, send your resume and a cover letter to
Please include your portfolio or examples of your work together with your resume.

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