Percona Live Online 2020

Join our own Robert Hodges in his discussion titled, "SQL Row Store vs Data Warehouse: Which is Right for Your Application?". MySQL and PostgreSQL are the goto SQL databases for a huge number of services. But what if your service generates billions or even trillions of records? This talk helps listeners decide when applications work[...]

ClickHouse October [Virtual] Meetup – Office Hours

Welcome to the October ClickHouse Meetup. This is a repeat of the popular virtual office hours from July. The idea is simple: the 3 top ClickHouse experts will be online and ready to answer any question about ClickHouse you can think of.

Data Con LA 2020

Join our own Robert Hodges in his discussion titled, "Data Warehouse or Conventional Database: Which Is Right For You?". Developers have a plethora of choice for application data stores. In this talk we'll explore the differences between transaction processing systems like MySQL and analytic databases like ClickHouse to help you make the best choice for[...]

High Performance, High Reliability Data Loading on ClickHouse

Data loading is critical to real-time data warehouses on ClickHouse. This webinar covers three topics every ClickHouse app designer should understand: how to achieve high performance on inserts; transaction model including when you can count on data being properly loaded; third is data deduplication. Alexander Zaitsev distills Altinity experience in all three areas to enable you to build your own high-performance analytic solutions.

ClickHouse January [Virtual] Meetup – Office Hours

Welcome to the January 2021 ClickHouse Meetup. We'll be repeating usual office hours format, starting with a talk from Alexey Milovidov on the latest and greatest ClickHouse improvements.

ClickHouse Defense Against the Dark Arts — Intro to Security and Privacy

Security and privacy are critical considerations in modern data warehouses. Join us to learn about ClickHouse security best practices including locking down servers, at-rest and in-flight encryption, and preventing information leaks through logs and system tables. We'll pivot from there to design principles for data subject to privacy regulations. We cover schema design for multi-tenant data, erasing[...]