The 100% Open Cloud for Real-Time Analytics on ClickHouse 

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Managed ClickHouse in our AWS/GCP accounts anywhere diagram anywhere diagram
Managed ClickHouse in your Kubernetes

Altinity.Cloud and Altinity.Cloud Anywhere features:


100% open source ClickHouse. Integrate your favorite open source stack. 
No lock-in. Ever.

Run Anywhere

Operate in any AWS or GCP region. Or provide your own Kubernetes. Your choice.

Cost Efficient

Simple, resource-based billing with no surprises. Great discounts. Costs change only when you change them.


Dedicated Kubernetes clusters with SOC 2 Type 2 certification, encryption, built-in data privacy settings, and FIPS compatibility

Performance at any Scale

Optimized schema and queries. 128 vCPUs and 50 TB block storage per ClickHouse. Object storage. Need more? Just ask.


24×7 support from engineers who know ClickHouse from top to bottom. Advice, bug fixes, and quick production help.

Partner with the only team that has helped hundreds of enterprises successfully deploy hundreds of ClickHouse-based analytic applications since 2017.

Get built-in performance from the enterprise experts

  • Dedicated environment for every user
  • Choose any VM or storage type
  • Optimized configuration for 24×7 analytics
  • Expert tuning advice from our support engineers

Instantly add decades of ClickHouse expertise to your team

  • 24×7 support with enterprise SLAs included automatically
  • Slack continuously with Altinity support team from development to deployment
  • Get expert help for everything from SQL questions to production issues
  • Obtain up-to-date information on the latest ClickHouse features
  • Deploy battle-tested Altinity Stable Builds for ClickHouse with 3 years of support
  • Get quick ClickHouse bug and CVE fixes

Experience trouble-free operation with our enterprise-class features

  • Scale compute capacity up/down and extend storage without downtime
  • Add shards and replicas to running clusters
  • Proactive monitoring and logging dashboards
  • Rolling upgrades to new ClickHouse versions on your schedule
  • Built-in availability and backups

Secure from the ground up

  • SOC 2 Type 2 certified
  • User-settable data privacy controls
  • Isolated Kubernetes clusters for each tenant
  • IDP integration for Altinity.Cloud logins
  • Automatic strong encryption for in-flight and at-rest data
  • CVE scanning and fixes for ClickHouse and Altinity.Cloud services
  • IP whitelisting and VPC endpoint support

Built with SaaS cost-efficiency in mind

  • Fixed, no-mystery pricing based on allocated cluster resources
  • Only pay for what you use
  • Shut down nodes automatically with uptime schedules to save money
  • Credit card or invoice-based payment
  • Discounts as usage grows

Altinity.Cloud or Altinity.Cloud Anywhere — which one should I choose?

Altinity.Cloud is best for organizations focused on applications who do not want to manage any infrastructure. 

Altinity.Cloud Anywhere is best for organizations that want cloud management experience while owning their data, managing their cost, and ensuring compliance.

See plans and features for more details. 

Still not sure which one to pick? You can always pick both.