ClickHouse vs Redshift Performance for FinTech Risk Management

ClickHouse SQL extensions, arrays, in particular, allow it to solve the business use case up to 100 times more efficiently than Redshift at 1/6th the cost. We know that ClickHouse is fast, but we were a bit surprised by these research results.

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ClickHouse and Redshift Face Off Again in NYC Taxi Rides Benchmark

Being that it has been roughly three years since we last compared ClickHouse to Amazon Redshift, we thought it was time for an update. Using the same popular benchmarking dataset of NYC taxi trips data over multiple years, current size is 1.3 billion rows.

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ClickHouse on the Cloud benchmarks

Jan 4, 2018
It's been a while since Altinity announced a partnership with Kodiak Data, a cloud-infrastructure company. Despite that, we have never written about Kodiak Data and how they help with ClickHouse deployments. Now there are several companies already using ClickHouse at Kodiak Data MemCloud(TM), so it's time to explain why. In this article, we test ClickHouse performance at various AWS and Kodiak Data cloud instances as well as add RedShift to complete the picture. 

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