• Bay Area ClickHouse Week is Coming (Apr 23-27)

    Bay Area ClickHouse Week is Coming (Apr 23-27)

    Great news for San Francisco Bay Area: ClickHouse is coming. The week of April 22nd is going to be entertaining for ClickHouse adopters and newcomers: Percona Live conference talks, two ClickHouse meetups, meetings with ClickHouse developers and Altinity team – you should not miss this!

  • ClickTail Introduction

    ClickTail Introduction

    Altinity is happy to introduce ClickTail — an easy to use tool for ingesting log file data into ClickHouse and making it available for exploration. Its favorite format is JSON, but it understands how to parse a range of other well-known log formats.

  • Archiving MySQL Tables in ClickHouse

    Archiving MySQL Tables in ClickHouse

    Why Archive? Hard drives are cheap nowadays, but storing lots of data in MySQL is not practical and can cause all sorts of performance bottlenecks. 

    In this article Percona’s blogger Alexander Rubin is talking about archiving MySQL tables in ClickHouse for storage and analytics.

  • Aggregate MySQL data at high speed with ClickHouse

    Aggregate MySQL data at high speed with ClickHouse

    Feb 12, 2018
    There are multiple ways how ClickHouse and MySQL can work together. External Dictionaries, ProxySQL support or [realtime streaming] of MySQL binary logs into ClickHouse. A few weeks ago ClickHouse team has released mysql() table function that allows to access MySQL data directly from ClickHouse. This opens up a number of interesting capabilities. Accidentally we have found [a blog article in Japanese] by Mikage Sawatari? , that tests a new way of integration and translated it for our blog with some minor edits.

  • Updating/Deleting Rows From Clickhouse (Part 2)

    Updating/Deleting Rows From Clickhouse (Part 2)

    Jervin Real is a Senior Consultant and blogger working for Percona. In this post, Jervin looks at updating and deleting rows with ClickHouse. It’s the second of two parts.

  • Updating/Deleting Rows with ClickHouse (Part 1)

    Updating/Deleting Rows with ClickHouse (Part 1)

    Jan 23, 2018
    Jervin Real is a Senior Consultant and blogger working for Percona.
    In this post, Jervin looks at updating and deleting rows with ClickHouse. It’s the first of two parts.

  • ClickHouse for Machine Learning

    ClickHouse for Machine Learning

    Jan 18, 2018
    ClickHouse is very flexible and can be used for various use cases. One of the most interesting technology areas now is machine learning, and ClickHouse fits nicely there as very fast datasource. A few months ago ClickHouse team implemented the support for ML algorithms, that makes it much easier and faster to run ML over ClickHouse data. They started with open source Yandex CatBoost algorithm, but it can be extended with other algorithms in the future. In this article, we posted a tutorial on how ClickHouse can be used to run CatBoost models.

  • ClickHouse Roadmap 2018

    ClickHouse Roadmap 2018

    ClickHouse development team is known for lack of published development plans. Sometimes they disclose plans responding to questions and bug reports, but more often discuss the roadmap at meetups. In this article we describe ‘secret’ 2018 roadmap that has been presented at ClickHouse Meetup in Moscow on December 12th by Alexey Milovidov.

  • ClickHouse releases 1.1.54318 and 1.1.54327

      The new deb packages are available from Yandex repo and RPMs from Altinity repo. ClickHouse release 1.1.54327 Dec 21,2017 This release contains bug fixes for the previous release 1.1.54318: Fixed bug with possible race condition in replication that could lead to data loss. This issue affects versions 1.1.54310 and 1.1.54318. If you use one[…]

  • Logstash with ClickHouse

    Logstash with ClickHouse

    Dec 18, 2017  
    There are many cases where ClickHouse is a good or even the best solution for storing analytics data. One common example is web servers logs processing. In this article, we guide you through Nginx web server example but it is applicable to other web servers as well.

    We will use Logstash with ClickHouse in order to process web logs. Logstash is a commonly used tool for parsing different kinds of logs and putting them somewhere else. For example, in ClickHouse. This solution is a part of Altinity Demo Appliance

  • Big Data Analysis in Digital Marketing Research

    Dec 6, 2017
    Christian Hotz-Behofsits, Teaching & Research Associate at Vienna University of Business and Economics, is one of the creators of RClickhouse package for R that we have recently introduced on our blog. In this article he describes data analysis challenges his group is facing and how ClickHouse helps in their research.

  • MySQL to ClickHouse data migration and replication

    Altinity has developed an open source clickhouse-mysql tool that helps to migrate existing MySQL table to ClickHouse and setup realtime replication of changes (INSERTS only). Here we review necessary steps using a simple example.

  • ClickHouse and R language

    ClickHouse and R language

    Recently Institute for Interactive Marketing and Social Media research team released ClickHouse library for R language. R is a popular language and environment for statistical analysis and visualization. In this article, we try this library by ourselves by a simple example.

  • ClickHouse Primary Keys

    This is a cross-post from: (https://medium.com/@f1yegor/clickhouse-primary-keys-2cf2a45d7324) Special thanks to Alexey Milovidov, ClickHouse developer, for providing material for this article. Recently I dived deep into ClickHouse. ClickHouse is column-store database by Yandex with great performance for analytical queries. For example check benchmark and post of Mark Litwintschik.

  • Compression in ClickHouse

    It might not be obvious from the start, but ClickHouse supports different kinds of compressions, namely two LZ4 and ZSTD.

  • Custom partitioning in ClickHouse 1.1.54310

    ClickHouse introduced a new major feature in version 1.1.54310 – it is a custom partitioning for tables with MergeTree engine. Before it enforced to use Date field for partitioning and the only choice to partition by month.

    The new version allows much more flexibility and we can choose the partition schema not only based on Date fields.

  • ClickHouse Digest #1

    Activity in and around ClickHouse has dramatically increased recent weeks. Percona Live in Dublin, meetups in Bay Area and Berlin, new features, many new companies adopting ClickHouse — all that generate a lot of news and increase interest to ClickHouse further.

    In this article I would like to highlight some ClickHouse recent news. Eventually we plan to publish a monthly ClickHouse news digest, so this is a test ball.

  • ClickHouse release 1.1.54310

      The new deb packages are available from Yandex repo and RPMs from Altinity repo. New features: Custom partitioning key for the MergeTree family of table engines. Kafka table engine. Added support for loading CatBoost models and applying them to data stored in ClickHouse. Added support for time zones with non-integer offsets from UTC. Added[…]