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Introduction to ClickHouse Backups and clickhouse-backup

Data backups are an inglorious but vital part of IT operations. They are most challenging in "big data" deployments, such as analytics databases. This article will explore the plumbing involved in backing up ClickHouse and introduce the clickhouse-backup tool for automating the process.

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ClickHouse and Redshift Face Off Again in NYC Taxi Rides Benchmark

Being that it has been roughly three years since we last compared ClickHouse to Amazon Redshift, we thought it was time for an update. Using the same popular benchmarking dataset of NYC taxi trips data over multiple years, current size is 1.3 billion rows.

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Machine Learning Models as Tables

The MindsDB team has come up with a creative way to integrate machine learning models with ClickHouse. We're delighted to share it on the Altinity Blog.

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