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clickhouse-local: The power of ClickHouse SQL in a single command

June 11, 2019

The most interesting innovations in databases come from asking simple questions.  For example: what if you could run ClickHouse queries without a server or attached storage?  It would just be SQL queries and the rich ClickHouse function library. What would that look like?  What problems could we solve with it?

We can answer the first question easily.  It would look like ‘clickhouse-local’!  You may not know about this handy tool, as not a lot has been written about it.  A simple explanation is that ‘clickhouse-local’ turns the ClickHouse SQL query processor into a command line utility

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ClickHouse Events in Austin and San Francisco

June 10, 2019

The last two weeks have been a busy time for ClickHouse-related events. Altinity as well as the Yandex teams have been doing a world tour that included events in the US as well as Asia. Besides the opportunity to meet people there were a lot of great presentations on ClickHouse itself.

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