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Madrid ClickHouse Meetup Report

The Madrid ClickHouse Meetup is over. Having attended in person I can report it was excellent: well-organized with great content. The meetup venue was the Google for Startups Campus, which has a comfortable auditorium capable of holding over 100 attendees. Between the venue and quality of the talks, it was more like a mini-conference than a meetup.

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Altinity ClickHouse Operator for Kubernetes

Apr 9, 2019

When I was setting up my first ClickHouse clusters 3 years ago it was like a journey to an unknown world full of caveats. ClickHouse is very simple and easy to use but not THAT simple. Sometimes I dreamed that setting up the cluster would be as easy as making a cup of coffee. It took us a while to find the right approach, but finally our dreams came true. Today, we are happy to introduce ClickHouse operator for Kubernetes!

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