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Putting Things Where They Belong Using New TTL Moves

Multi-volume storage is crucial in many use cases. It helps to reduce storage costs as well as improves query performance by allowing placement of the most critical application data on the fastest storage devices. Monitoring data is a classic use case. The value of data degrades rapidly over time. The last day, last week, last month, and previous year data have very different access patterns, which in turn correspond to various storage needs.

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Altinity Novel Coronavirus Update

The COVID-19 outbreak has placed unprecedented stress on individuals and businesses worldwide. We would like to share a few words about how the Altinity team is dealing with this outbreak in the hope it may help your own planning.

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Altinity Stable Release update

We are delighted to announce that Altinity Stable Release is updated to The release includes several important bug fixes not present in the previous, and one compatibility fix that is important for future upgrades.

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Real-time Moving Average with ClickHouse Live Views

In data analytics, analysts often use moving averages. Moving averages help to smooth data series as well as identify long term trends. New Live View tables start to bring real-time capabilities to ClickHouse.

One of the applications of Live View tables is a calculation of real-time metrics on the event data. Readings from IoT sensors, price ticks from the stock exchange, or some metrics from your production servers are some of the examples of event data streams. ClickHouse can store all this data with a good compression ratio and excellent analytical query performance.

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