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Bay Area ClickHouse Week is Coming (Apr 23-27)

Great news for San Francisco Bay Area: ClickHouse is coming. The week of April 22nd is going to be entertaining for ClickHouse adopters and newcomers: Percona Live conference talks, two ClickHouse meetups, meetings with ClickHouse developers and Altinity team – you should not miss this!

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ClickTail Introduction

Altinity is happy to introduce ClickTail -- an easy to use tool for ingesting log file data into ClickHouse and making it available for exploration. Its favorite format is JSON, but it understands how to parse a range of other well-known log formats.

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Archiving MySQL Tables in ClickHouse

Why Archive? Hard drives are cheap nowadays, but storing lots of data in MySQL is not practical and can cause all sorts of performance bottlenecks. 

In this article Percona's blogger Alexander Rubin is talking about archiving MySQL tables in ClickHouse for storage and analytics.

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