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Creating Beautiful Grafana Dashboards on ClickHouse: a Tutorial

Dec 28, 2019
Grafana is a popular tool to create dashboards of time series data. It features outstanding graphics, interactive displays that zoom in on data, and support for a wide range of data sources.  It turns out that one of those data sources is ClickHouse, and Grafana is a great way to visualize ClickHouse data. 

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Connecting Excel to ClickHouse using the Windows ODBC driver

Many years ago a wise customer once said, “every report wants to be an Excel spreadsheet when it grows up!” I have always had a soft spot for Excel--it’s one of the most useful programs that Microsoft ever released. To honor that long lost user this article will show how to bring joy to your ClickHouse reporting by pulling data into Excel.

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ClickHouse December Community Events

The year 2019 ended with a burst of ClickHouse community events in the US and Europe.  There were many great talks about ClickHouse from users exploring new use cases as well as operating at large scale.  Here is a quick rundown.

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Taking a Closer Look at ClickHouse Live View Tables

In the couple of previous blog posts, I have introduced Live Views tables and covered basic usage. Now, in this post, we will take a closer look at Live View tables. Specifically, we will look at the options available for the WATCH query, then introduce temporary Live Views, as well as look at the new JSONEachRowWithProgress format.

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