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New Year Greetings from Altinity and Stable Release Update

Altinity greets everybody with a New Year 2019! As a small gift to our friends we are happy to announce ClickHouse 18.14.19 Altinity Stable release. This is a last stable release in 2018, and funny enough that release minor version is 19, as a welcome message to the next year future releases.

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ClickHouse RoadMap 2019

The year 2018 approaches the end. It has been a great year for ClickHouse and the ClickHouse community -- a lot of events, new features and interesting projects. Now it is time to see what is next. ClickHouse development team lead Alexey Milovidov unveiled some plans and allowed us to share them with you.

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ClickHouse for Time Series Scalability Benchmarks

Dec 4, 2018

Our previous take on time series benchmarks attracted a lot of interest so we decided to dig into more details. We conducted 3 different ClickHouse scalability tests using the same TSBS dataset and benchmarking infrastructure. In this article we present results that happen to be quite interesting.

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Big Data Analytics Impact on the Telecom Industry, and How ClickHouse Accelerates Success

Today’s world is fulfilled with a large amount of data coming from social media networks, smart devices, customer behaviors, call data records, billing information, and there are many other ways to produce a huge amount of data. For many telecom operators it is challenging to control and manage such data volumes, even more, put them, in a good use. However, every challenge can be turned into an opportunity, and large amounts of data can provide many profit bringing insights.

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