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New release of ClickHouse ODBC driver

Today Altinity is pleased to announce an important improvement to the ClickHouse ecosystem. In addition to adding new features to ClickHouse server and maintaining the Grafana plugin, we recently took over responsibility for the ClickHouse ODBC driver. The ClickHouse ecosystem has a rich set of native drivers for different environments, but ODBC has a special role. ODBC drivers are a must for integrations with various 3rd-party tools, for example BI tools like Tableau. 

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ClickHouse October Community Events

October has been a busy month for the ClickHouse community and Altinity. We sponsored and presented at three community events in the first 9 days of October. Here’s a quick rundown of each one with links to interesting presentations.

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Altinity ClickHouse Operator at Red Hat’s

CoreOS introduced operators for Kubernetes in 2016. A Kubernetes Operator is an application that integrates into Kuberentes and manages other applications. It significantly simplifies deployment and management of cloud native apps by leveraging application specific operational knowledge. Since then operators have been developed for many applications in Kubernetes, including some databases. As a result, operators became a successful pattern for managing cloud native applications. 

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