Altinity™ and ClickHouse in the News

  • Don’t Get Snowed In By The Hype For Snowflake

    Warren Buffett looks prudent for buying this recent tech IPO because the stock has more than doubled since he bought it. However, investors with fiduciary responsibilities should pause before following the Oracle of Omaha into this stock now. As Forbes mentions, [...] beyond the big three tech firms, data warehouse offerings from Teradata (TDC) and Oracle (ORCL) and open-source platforms like Altinity stand in the way of Snowflake achieving the 46% market share implied by its current valuation.
  • Altinity grabs $4M seed to build cloud version of ClickHouse open source data warehouse

    Earlier this month, cloud data warehouse Snowflake turned heads when it debuted on the stock market. Today, Altinity, the commercial company behind the open source ClickHouse data warehouse announced a $4 million seed round from Accel along with a new cloud service, Altinity.CloudTM.
  • Our Online Analytical Processing Journey with ClickHouse on Kubernetes
    Learn about the latest evolution of online analytical processing (OLAP) data, now with ClickHouse on Kubernetes.
  • How Snowflake raised $3bn in a record software IPO

    The Economist
    Investors scrambled for shares in Snowflake, a maker of database programs, as it went public on the New York Stock Exchange on September 16th. But competition in the database business is heating up. As the Economist says, A few startups are already offering cheaper and more flexible “open source” alternatives such as ClickHouse, a particularly zippy data-management system sold by a startup called Altinity.
  • 5 ways to lose data on Kubernetes—and how to avoid them

    Don’t snooze and lose. If your critical databases and stateful applications are migrating to Kubernetes, the sorrows of accidental data loss aren't far behind. And data is the lifeblood of modern applications.
  • Data Monoliths Go Cloud-Native with Kubernetes
    Breaking monolithic applications into independently scalable services is the core of the cloud-native application model. By making cloud-native apps easy to deploy and manage, Kubernetes has contributed to a big change in IT practices.


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